Anonymous asked: "I think i'm finally going to do it i'm gonna kill myself. nobody cares anyways. they say they're my friends but they don't care only 2 people have noticed the cuts and scars they don't care either. neither does my family i'm gonna do it want to die I don't belong I just wanted to share this because I thought I would share it with someone that might know how I feel right now. and just because I couldn't win this fight doesn't mean no one else can stay strong everyone . I love the boys <3"

I completely understand how you feel right now because I was in your shoes many, many times and I can promise you that your friends and family will be devastated if you leave this earth before you’re supposed to. I know it seems like everything is awful right now but killing yourself won’t do what you think it will, it only eliminates the possibility of things ever getting better. You need to remember that there are people out there who care about you and I am totally one of them.

I know you think this is the only option but I promise you things do get better and I am living proof of that. I couldn’t see any way out of the situation but one option and I tried multiple times but I am so glad I didn’t succeed. I now have a beautiful baby boy who is the light of my life and if I had succeeded years ago he wouldn’t be here! Things DO get better but it takes time for things to turn around. I know it’s hard but you have to push through the tough times and once you do you will see there is light at the end of the tunnel and everything is a million times better!

Brianna xx

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Anonymous asked: "Today in gym class we found our BMI, and it said I'm between normal and overweight. I just feel really fat. People say I look 25 pounds lighter than I am, but I'm still really self-concious about it. After dinner I felt guilty for eating and I'm just feeling really shitty"

BMI pretty much means nothing. It’s just a stupid tool someone created to help classify people into “healthy, underweight, overweight, and obese”. Your BMI doesn’t tell you your overall health and that is WAY more important than some stupid number on a chart!

I know it’s hard to be comfortable in your own skin but the best way to start that is to find things you like about your body, write them down, and post them somewhere you’ll see them every day! Then you will always know there are things about your body you truly love and eventually you will add more to the list!

Do not feel guilty for eating food. Food is what keeps your body going. Just make sure you’re eating balanced meals! And remember, a splurge once in a while will not hurt you. One healthy meal won’t make you skinny and one bad meal won’t make you fat! So if you want to indulge sometimes DO IT! Cookies and the like are good for the soul. :)

Brianna xx

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When I was 16, I was a cutter.

It started because I would get so frustrated - emotions writhing out of control - that I needed to lash out at something. Too scared of hurting someone else, I wound up cutting my pent-up rage into my own body.

We made this music video to speak with people out there wrestling with the same demons. To give you stories of healing from the darkness. To let you know that you’re not alone. That there is hope for you.

We can move past these red lines. Together.

RED LINES (documentary music video) on YouTube:

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Anonymous asked: "Sometimes I feel so happy and I feel okay. I'm actual kind of popular at school. My parents found out that I was cutting and my therapist had them put everything sharp in a lockbox. All my friends are leaving me, and the worst part is, they're the ones that said they'd always be there for me. I am alone. I sometimes think that the world would be better off without me. Any advice on how to get people to understand that I'm not just goth or unsocial. That I just need someone to be there for me?"

I think one of the first things is to reach out. It can be hard sometimes, but take the first steps to ask someone after school to hang out or something. Just talking over a cup of coffee after school can be the start of a new friendship, and someone else who is there for you. Or take it a step further than that. Open up to someone you’re close with about your problems, and maybe they can try to find a way to help you work through it. 

As for your friends, do you know why they’re leaving you? Do they know how they’re hurting you? Are they just slowly drifting away? Again, I think there’s nothing wrong with reaching out. Just find a way to say, “Hey, I feel alone, can you help me?” If they’re not willing to help you through a hard time, I find it hard to consider them friends. 

I’m not sure if this completely answered your question, but I hope this helps! I know it’s difficult when you feel alone, but trust me there are people here for you, like all of us here. Keep your head up and stay strong <3 


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Hey guys! 

Just a reminder that we’re still selling t-shirts! 

They can be bought from our online store, here

We’re pretty low on certain sizes, so if you want one before we run out, I’d suggest getting them soon.

As of right now, we will not be getting more of these to sell. 

Thanks to the people who continue to support us and buy the shirts! (All the money is going to supporting the cause.)

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Anonymous asked: "you should tell more people about this page, make commercials or something, this is pretty cool haha"

That would be the dream, really. But we’re just a bunch of teenage girls from around the world. We’d need lots of funding for that.

But maybe one day!

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Anonymous asked: "Yeah, I just feel like I don't fit in with anybody. It's really weird and stupid feeling and I hate it. And there are so much things on my mind lately, I can barely handle it."

Oh man, that is absolutely the worst feeling in the world, I totally know what  you mean. My advice is to hang out with one of your friends one on one, talk to them and just do something you’ll both enjoy. I think if you hang out with just one person it’s easier to remember that you do have common interests and you do belong hanging with that person. If you do it with most people in your group then, maybe that’ll help you to fit in.

Otherwise, you can maybe join a school club. Make friends with people with similar interests which can help that feeling like you don’t fit in go away. Are you doing any outside school stuff such as sport or something like that? I found that when I didn’t feel like I belonged with my school friends, hanging out with friends out of school helped me feel less alone so maybe that could help you too :)

What else is going on hun? You know we are always here to listen to you. Is it school pressure that is on your mind or family issues or just totally random stuff?

Elizabeth xxx

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Anonymous asked: "I have a feeling everyone hates me. Nothing feels right:("

Hey beautiful, why do you think that? Did something happen or did someone say something that made you feel like you were alone? Your family loves you and I’m sure all your friends do too. Nobody hates you beautiful and if anyone does they are not worth your time anyway :)

What do you mean by nothing feels right? Sorry, just trying to understand what you are referring to. Does the people you hang around make you feel not right?

Elizabeth x

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Anonymous asked: "Hi, I'm just here to say that we mostly concentrate on you giving us advices and stuff, and I think you should get a little more personal with us. You should make a page here where admins would put their pictures and some info and stuff like that. Just sayin' that be pretty cool :3"

I will definitely look into this :) thank you!

Just to add to this, if you go to the navigation and click the About the Project link, at the bottom there are pictures of each of the admins, as well as a bit of information about them and links to their main blogs!

Brianna xx

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Anonymous asked: "I'm the anon who gave up on basketball. I gave up on it because I lost interest,but I lost interest really fast, and I thought I wasn't good but people tell me i'm good but I can't take compliments because sometimes I get weirded out about compliments but I don't know why. And I find it really hard to eat healthy, it just always seems like every food has something unhealthy in it. I tried to eat healthy last year but the same thing happened and I didn't eat for almost 3 days."

I know it’s hard to take compliments and trust me, I always felt REALLY awkward when someone told me I did a great job singing or I looked good that day etc… and I always shot them down with a “I could’ve done better” or “No I’m not”. But at some point you have to learn to accept them! Next time someone compliments you just say thank you and that’s it! Eventually you will start to accept the compliments and, at not too far behind that, you will believe them too!

As for the issue with food, do raw veggies have something unhealthy in them? Do fruits have something unhealthy in them? There’s two examples right there of completely healthy foods! There are TONS of healthy food option out there and yes, they’re going to have sodium and fat and other things in them but you need those to survive!! And besides, eating unhealthy once in a while isn’t a bad thing. If you’re all that freaked out with food I think you should talk to a nutritionist and see if they can help you with some eating habits so you don’t get sick.

Brianna xx

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