Anonymous asked: "Hi! I got a problem. I started cutting this Monday because my dad got in hospital with some second and third degree burns because his factory caught fire. I guess even discussing that triggers me. Yesterday I cut again. Please help me..."

I’m sorry to hear about your dad, I hope that he’ll make a speedy recovery and that everything will be fine :)

I really recommend sitting down with a family member such as your mum and crying to her/him about it. Tell them how it’s made you feel really upset and I think just talking it out will help a lot. You don’t have to mention the cutting, just mention the triggers such as your dad getting burnt. Talking it out should hopefully let the tension go and make others aware of how you’re feeling.

Next time you feel the urge to cut, distract yourself. Take a shower, wash your hair, take a nap, go for a run, do fifty squats and 100 jumping jacks, unpack the dishwasher, clean dishes, do ironing, Skype a friend. Try and take your mind off it. If that doesn’t work and you still feel the urge try rubbing an ice cube over your skin or snapping an elastic band against your wrist. Even get a red marker and draw on your skin, that can even help.

You are strong. Your father is strong. You will both get through this, you will both survive and you will be okay. Talk to someone you can trust. Cutting isn’t the answer, you can get through this without inflicting pain upon yourself :)

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Anonymous asked: "My friends friend has committed suicide and they are cutting themselves, what do I say to them?"

I think one of the best things you can tell your friend right now is that you are sorry about their friend and that you are there for them. They need to know they aren’t alone and what they are feeling is completely normal right now. Let them know you are there for them if they need to talk, vent, cry, scream, get mad, anything. Right now what your friend needs most is support and to know they are not alone in this.

Maybe you should talk to your friends parents about this and let them know what’s going on (if they don’t already). It might be the best thing for your friend that their parents are there for them, since losing someone is really difficult on it’s own but when it’s especially difficult in this situation.

If your friend wants someone to talk to that is completely unbiased and it can all be anonymous, we’re all here as well! I send my condolences to your friend and the family of the poor soul who left this earth way too soon.

Brianna xx 

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Anonymous asked: "I slipped up tonight and cut myself tonight for the first time in over a year, I've been so stress about school and failing and now I feel like I've failed again because I cut myself again, sorry I had to get it off my chest - Liv"

You made it a whole year, that’s something to be celebrated! If you’ve managed a year, that means next time you can aim to remain clean for two years. Unfortunately there will always be times when we make mistakes and relapse but you have to realise that you are still strong and amazing. You may fall down but just get back up again.

Talk to your parents and/or teachers and/or friends about the stress you’re feeling. If you are failing (below 50%) then talk to your teachers and ask for help, that’s what they are there for. They’ll be glad you asked for help and they’ll be able to show you where you’re going wrong and how you can fix it.

I know it’s silly but trust me, this time, next year (or a year after you graduate), you’re going to look back and realise school isn’t the most important thing. Just keep focused and have a goal and strive for that goal.

Never apologise darling, it’s what we are here for. It’s going to be okay, trust me on this, it will be okay. You are not a failure, you are human and you are amazing.

Elizabeth xx

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Anonymous asked: "Hi, drowning-is-lovely girl again. I haven't been here in a while. I just wanted to check in. My boyfriend and I have been together for three months now. I really love him, and he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I just wish I could be with him always. I get a little empty sometimes, but he pulls me out of the darkness and in general I'm very happy. Thank you for everything you've done for me."

That’s so great!!!! I am so incredibly happy for you. It’s great that you have him who can help you out as well, having a supportive circle of friends and family is the best thing in recovering (or at least that’s what I’ve found in the past).

We’re always here to help and listen, even if you just want to tell us how good life has been going we’re still here hear to listen :D

So proud of you,

Elizabeth xxx

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Anonymous asked: "Part 1 My friend is always so rude to me and she snapchated me almost bragging about being at the mall and I wasn't and I really wanted to go and she said that she thought nobody was around and my other friend was with her and I got a little mad and said that she didn't need to lie so then she brung up the idea that I was camping and she wouldn't stop asking and I said no three times and then she started freaking out so my mom said to ignore her then I was talking to my friend that went to the"
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Anonymous asked: "Part 2 talking to my friend that went to the mall and we were talking about things we did when we were little and she got really mad and I wasn't talking to her the whole day so she got really mad at me and my friend told me that she was mad at me because I wasn't talking to her and she is in my class and I was talking to my other friend and she is not in my class and she really mad and me and I really don't know what to do I need help please"

Oh gosh I’m sorry but she sounds really controlling and has to make everything about her. Unfortunately, with a friend very similar I understand fully the position you are in.

You have two options, put up with it or end the friendship. Tell her how you’re feeling and that you don’t like how she’s treating you. Stand up for yourself as much as possible so she realises she can’t push you around and tread all over you.

If you want to end the friendship don’t be rude to her, just let it sizzle out. Make new friends, hang with them drift away slowly and politely.

Sorry, I know it’s a shitty position to be in. There’s not much you can do besides yeah, putting up with it (and ignoring her when she gets in her moods) or end the friendship. Wishing you all the best though and just try not to let her get to you. Bitch to your mum or dad when it gets bad, that always helps :)

Elizabeth x

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To the followers who are in high school and taking AP classes, good luck on your exams!! The stress form worrying about the exam will soon be over!

To the followers in college, be happy because you’re almost at the finish line! Just a few final exams and you’re free for summer break!

Just remember that grades are not the most important thing and getting one bad grade isn’t going to mess up your life!

Brianna xx

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Anonymous asked: "I feel lonely allot. I have some friends from school but I never hang out with them outside of school but I'm always to nervous to approach people and ask if they want to hang out I get nervous and think they probably won't want to, what should I do?"

The internet is a wonderful place at times. If you feel uncomfortable asking in person, send them a message be like “hey remember that time we talked about how you wanted to watch that movie? Do you wanna go see it together?” If you hang out at school I’m sure they’ll say yes, unless they’re busy or already seen the movie.

Another option is say it to the whole group, by asking the whole group if they want to hang out at least one will say yes. It is likely all the group will want to hang out and do something but are likely to be shy like you.

It can be nerve wracking but just remember they’re already your friends :D

Elizabeth x

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Anonymous asked: "Thank you so much, this account has helped me allot. All of the people who run this are the sweetest people ever y'all are amazing <3"

Thank you!!!!  <3 <3 <3

Elizabeth xx

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Anonymous asked: "One of my best friend keeps saying she hates her life and is trying to commit suicide. What do I do??"

Talk to her, sit her down and ask her why she hates her life. The only thing you can really do is constantly remind her that you are there for her (and prove it to her through what you do.) Remind her that she is loved and she is wanted. There’s not a lot to do except those.

If you are truly concerned that she may attempt suicide, tell your parents or her parents or any adult who will listen. Don’t say nothing.

Once when I was really upset, my friend h changed my laptop background to her pulling a silly face and writing little notes about how much I mean to her. Things like that can help a person to remember that they are needed and loved in the world.

Elizabeth x

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